One-on-one guitar instruction in Kamloops for all ages & skill levels  


Anyone can learn how to play the guitar - people just need a little patience and encouragement!


"I believe that students get more out of their lessons, and progress at a much faster rate if they can learn the styles of music that they love."

Rick Bridal-Fisher

Kamloops Guitar Lessons


Other Cool Stuff!

Improvisational techniques, scales beyond the pentatonic/blues scales, phrasing, chord progressions, progressive scale techniques, modes, left and right hand technique, triads, arpeggios, intervals, chord forms, rhythm, scale and chord theory

Younger Students

For parents that want their children to do more than sit around watching TV or playing video games, guitar lessons may be the answer. It's not just music lessons but life skills. Parents who enroll their kids in guitar lessons are having their children involved in a productive, educational activity which is culturally enriching, and which develops the brain, intellect, motor skills, self-esteem and discipline.


Getting the child away from the TV, video games, and hanging out at the mall.



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One-on-one instruction for all ages & skill levels

These are some of the guitar styles taught at Kamloops Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Modern Rock — R & B — Campfire Guitar — Country — Pop — Folk — Blues — Gospel — Jam Band
Rockabilly — Funk — Punk — Classic Rock — Reggae — Ska — Fingerstyle Guitar



About Rick

I have wide range of musical interests and influences and have been rocking for over 35 years. (And I don't plan to stop anytime soon!) I love to teach and specialize in showing students how to become better musicians.

Whether you are someone who just wants to learn a few of their favorite songs for fun and recreation or are an aspiring pro, I can develop a program that fits your specific needs and interests.

My Philosophy

My goal is to teach a student in a way that "fits" with them. This is accomplished by first analyzing the way a particular student learns which then allows me to fit my curriculum and instruction to their personality, ability and musical goals.

My curriculum fall into four categories:

  • Exercises
  • Practice
  • Theory
  • Fun

the last one Fun, being the most important to me.

In order for people to learn, I believe that they need to have fun and enjoy what they are doing. Many people I have talked to and taught were told in the past that they weren't musical because they weren't "getting it," when in fact the real reason was because of some boring music book and being forced to learn music they hated.


Kamloops Guitar Lessons:

Blues Guitar Lessons / Rock Guitar Lessons / Country Guitar Lessons / Folk Guitar Lessons


Kamloops, Brocklehurst, Merritt

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Here is what some of my current and former students have had to say about my style of instruction:

"When I first began taking lessons from Rick, I had no experience with the bass at all.  When I arrived for my first lesion I feared the onslaught of theory lesson after theory lesson.  My fears, however, did not come true.  Instead Rick concentrated on teaching me the songs I wanted to learn and actually taught me something far more important than the theory lesson most teachers would have given on the first day: love for a musical instrument.  Rick’s lesson plans have made me an incredibly competent and confident player and I would not hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone who wishes to become a stellar musician and wants to have fun learning.  Thanks Rick.” – Max A. B.


“I came to Rick with the knowledge of a few basic chords, the ability to strum up and down, two country songs, and the fear of being forced to read sheet music.  Under Rick three years later, my knowledge of different genres of music has greatly expanded all across the board and I am playing songs that I never thought I could touch.  I feel confident performing, whether at a function or around a campfire.  My style has never been limited and I’m now able to read guitar tablature despite my determination to never look at anything remotely related to music notes.  Rick is a fantastic teacher who tailors his lessons to the way I learn, and I look forward to every lesson, thanks to Rick!” – Cathrynn B.

“Simply put, Rick’s Guitar Lessons are a fun and simple way to learn how to play, no matter what skill level you are.  With Rick as my teacher I have the confidence and know how to do just about anything on the guitar.  Thanks Rick!” – Kaeden T.

“When I started at Rick’s Guitar Lessons I was 11 years old.  I knew absolutely nothing about guitars, not a single chord.  All I knew was it looked pretty cool on TV and I wanted to get one.  So I asked for a guitar for that Christmas and quickly got into guitar lessons with Rick as my first teacher.  I was nervous when I got there, thinking he would unload all of this theory nonsense on me right away and I wouldn’t understand a thing.  But I was surprised when he just grabbed a piece of paper and asked me to list some of my favourite bands.  Before the first lesson was over he had already taught me how to read guitar tab and how to play three of my favourite songs.  From there on it became routine.  I would go to Rick’s, tell him the song I wanted to learn, and he would teach it to me.  There was no pressure to learn something I didn’t want to play.  Before my first year of lessons was over I was jamming with my friends (who were also taking lessons from Rick) and playing covers of our favourite songs.  Eventually I started running out of ideas and getting bored of learning other bands songs, I was becoming more interested in writing my own music and learning to solo.  All it took was one lesson to shift from covers, to learning how to write my own guitar solos.  We would fill pages and pages of my guitar lessons binder with guitar riffs to twists and form into my own solos.  I would go home and practice them for hours, adding my own little riffs in here and there, and then head back next week to try them out with Rick.  We would sit down, put on a backing track, and trade off soloing for an hour straight, perfecting each riff and making it my own.  Each lesson from then on I would learn different boxes and scales to write riffs in, practice them, and come back the next week to try them out.  I was hooked.  I would find myself practicing for hours every day, writing songs, jamming with my friends, learning new covers by myself, and teaching all the riffs I had made to my buds that were just getting in to playing guitar.   Now I am playing in two separate bands with my friend who has also been taking lessons from rick for almost as long as me.  It has become more than a hobby to me, it’s become a part of me, a way to meet people and make new friends, something to keep me busy and out of trouble.  Rick has taught me something I can apply to everything in my life (his motto): Persistence, Determination, and Repetition = Success.  Thanks Rick!” – Dan L.

“After witnessing the rapid progression of guitar skills that my children have acquired as students of Rick’s Guitar Lessons I thought it would be fun to play music with the kids.  Not only have I achieved a lifelong goal to play guitar, I have also spent countless hours of quality time with my family playing music together.  Thanks Rick.” – Kelvin K. and Family

"At 65 years old, I thought I was too old to learn how to play guitar. But in the past year Rick has taught me how to play my favorite songs, and rhythm and blues - and if I want to I can even join in with people
on stage. Rick is a great teacher!"
Alan R.

"I have certainly learned a lot since I have been taking lessons from Rick." Ian O.

"I had been trying to learn guitar for many years - with Rick's personal instruction, I'm learning how to play by ear from recordings. Rick adapted his lessons to me and how I learn, and this is what has made
the difference for me."
William V.

"I have been playing guitar on my own for about 10 years. I have always loved playing, but I have never had the confidence musically to perform and play with others - with Rick's help I gaining
more and more self-confidence, and believe in my ability and talent. Thanks Rick!"

"Rick Bridal-Fisher was a huge influence on my formative years as a guitarist. We grew up in the same neighborhood and although we never had formal lessons together, he would always show me things. I was a total beginner and he was the old pro (having had already been playing for 2 or 3 years), but he was very patient with me. We eventually started playing together in bands and I learned so much from him
regarding rhythm, improvisation, phrasing, tone and feel, which I still carry with me to this day."

Thanks Rick! — Mark Fitchett